Friday, 28 November 2014

The Nature Tray

Did you have a nature table at primary school? I always loved ours and would be constantly on the lookout for treasures to add to it. I think that it was because of that table I started a lifelong habit of picking up treasures whilst out for a walk.
Recently the lovely Nina Nixon, whose photographs are always beautiful, started a new IG hashtag #wanderandgather. She has written a post about it here. Inspired by her I put together some of my more recent finds and rcreated my own nature table tray. Have to say that I am loving it.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014


Just over a week ago we spent a lovely day in Bristol, one of our favourite cities. After a lovely wander and brunch in Clifton village we headed down to the waterfront. I just wanted to say - I love Bristol!

Sunday, 23 November 2014


Things here have been very autumnal and the last two weeks have flown. Working days are marked by leaving in the dark and returning in the dark. Family time, is therefore, all the more precious. There is something about the grey weather we have been having that makes me feel quiet and the weekends are very domestic. Being in the house so much means that I spend time arranging shelves and pottering.
Late autumn has its own special beauty and a melancholy that makes me slow down, rather like a small hibernating creature. Weekends offer such a contrast to my working week; it feels just perfect.

Sunday, 16 November 2014


I was fascinated by the faces in the art we saw in Florence. Rarely does Renaissance art show the lives of ordinary people - it is all mythological scenes  or scenes from the bible, but the ordinary folk shine out from these great sculptures and paintings. It is all there in the faces. Disguised as a god of the myths or biblical heroes were the models of ancient Florence, the men and women who lived , loved, hoped and dreamed much like we do. The photo on the right is Mark, and it struck me that he and Donatello's prophet don't look that dissimilar. Times change but we humans, wrapped up as we are in our sophisticated modern technology, have hardly changed at all.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Beautiful Florence

I have been struggling with writing about Florence. It was so awesome that I simply do not know where to start. It is not only a truly beautiful city but also somewhere that feels liveable. The narrow streets were full of the modern but the past seemed tantalisingly close; it would not have been surprising to turn the streets and come across a group of medieval merchants or Michaelangelo working on his latest sculpture. Their very lives seem so vivid and burned into the fabric of the buildings. I miss it so much and I find myself looking at the photos and wishing I was there. A lot. The boy and I are already planning a return trip. Next time we will take our history mad Finn and maybe throw in a train trip to Rome. Why not?
Meanwhile I am going to be looking through my photos, dreaming and mixing up a Campari and Soda or two to see me through these dark November days. I took hundreds of photos - these are just a very few!

'A Room With A View'