Sunday, 19 January 2014


This weekend was about balance. It was busy and full but absolutely what I needed. I have been doing a bit of reading about mindfulness recently in my search for more balance in my life. Meditation has long interested me but it felt like an extra thing to add which wasn't what I needed. Whilst contemplating this it suddenly occurred to me that it is creating that gives me peace. So whilst making bread, whilst cutting oranges for marmalade, whilst in the garden and whilst knitting this weekend I found head space and time to breathe. Making is my meditation. It helps me balance. 


  1. Your weekend sounds perfect! Creating gives me peace as well. It'a a good distraction!

  2. I know what you mean Karen, somehow having you hands occupied, it allows your mind to relax and wander where it needs or wants to go. I hope that you find some time to relax this week. xx

  3. Making is definitely therapeutic (I find bread kneading is v good for pent up frustration!!) Hope you get plenty more making moments in your weeks x

  4. I agree, I'm never happier than when I'm baking, knitting, gardening, cooking. I've found tha much more as I''ve got older (I'm 42, this luckily feels quite young to me!) It's not that I would advocate being thick, I just think these activities are close to nature, physical, quite nurturing etc. I find I don't want to read or analyse stuff as much lately. But perhaps this will change! I think also, be cause you have to really concentrate on one thing in particular when ur for example knitting, my brain does get a bit of a much needed empty! I suppose humans weren't made to be inside all the time, on computers, doing brain brain brain work all the time. I think these activities are our connection back to our true selves, if that doesn't sound to hippie navel-gazey! However, we have to also be pragmatic abd spend at least some time doing head stuff. But at least when we can control what we do, in our free time, if we can do more of these lovely physical things, then I think it makes it easier to cope with the head stuff! Sorry to waffle! X

  5. You're spot on Karen - meditation and marmalade are the perfect ingredients for a lovely weekend. That must be the Brit in me! Marmalade is the one thing wherever we have lived in the world that when people say what can I bring we always say marmalade!!! We have a Malvern down the road from us in Melbourne, so I had to check you're not closer, otherwise I would have said 'do you want to come to my yoga class, my treat, you bring the marmalade!!'
    Have a lovely zen week
    Wren x

  6. your marmalade sounds amazing and the crochet peeping out of the basket looks just like mine x


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