Sunday, 2 February 2014


Sometimes this menopause takes over and hormones seem to rage. I feel like a battle ground. Then I tell my lovely Mark that I need, have to be quiet and he makes that happen. I look for beauty, look to create, strive for balance. It can come in a bath or from watching the fire and letting the troubles go. 

On Friday i sorted through wool and found lots of little bits. Small squares are collecting and suddenly I seem to be growing a blanket. I will write more about the inspiration of this later. 

Posh sausages and lots of root veg are coming together to make a comforting stew. 

I hope you weekend has brought you what you need x


  1. Mmn know what you mean about the menopause. Can I just say it doesnt last forever, although it feels like it at the time. I do love the colours of your crochet squares.

  2. I hope that you find some peace and some peace! Your squares are looking lovely, so II hope that you can find some enjoyment in them. xx

  3. Hugest sympathy - going that way too. Be kind to yourself and try not to murder anyone else - well that's my mantra...


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