Wednesday, 12 February 2014

February Mantle

Subtle changes to my mantle this month. By the end of January I was ready to lose the red, looking for a more subtle colour pallet. There is something about this time of year that makes me really love washed out colours and the feeling of bare. Pale tulips in a white jug, a piece of coral, feathers (an old favourite), pine cones and lots of glass came together. A heart shaped stone was added for Valentine's day and this month's candle is orange blossom. I love putting a new mantle together. 


  1. Looks divine, I love changing arrangements xx

  2. Love all the clear glass with the feathers and the pine cones - it looks very calm. P.S. Hope your journey to work this week hasn't been too arduous!

  3. Your February mantle is lovely and very calming! I like your little stone heart, just the thing for February! xx

  4. Good Morning Karen! I've just had a lovely wonder through your blog, I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed my little visits here, you have a great 'take' on life, I really love your grounded approach to being a parent. The fantastic photos are a bonus too! Looking at your mantle over the months has reinforced how much I'm going to enjoy recording my own....may even do it monthly, instead of weekly, that might be more realistic! Do you mind if I put a link to your blog the next time I do one? Have a great day, I've a big pile of ironing to tackle! :) x


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